Saturday, October 1, 2011

Seafood Boil

I have so many "favorite" meals, and this is definitely one of them.  Why is it one of my favorites you might ask?  Well, let's see.  It is easy to make, easy to eat, delicious, and a cinch to clean up.  Who wouldn't love that?

Not only that, but since presentation is everything, I adore the fact that I serve this dish by dumping it on the table.  Plus, it will feed 6-8 people!


1 small bag of fingerling potatoes, washed
1 pkg. Kielbasa sausage sliced
10-12 inches Andouille thinly sliced
3 ears of corn, cut into quarters
One large red onion, chunked
(Seafood can be chosen based on taste and availability)
1-1.5 lbs Large Shrimp
20-30 cockles
2 crab clusters broken onto sections
1 large swordfish steak cut into large chunks
Old Bay Seasoning

Using a large pot with a steamer basket put in the bottom, begin heating about 4 cups of water.  Put the potatoes in the bottom and layer your sausage slices over the top.  Place the lid on the pot.  When the pot starts to steam, lower the temperature to medium and allow it to cook for about 5 minutes.  The fat in the sausage will start to render and will drip over the potatoes, flavoring them.  Add your corn to the pot, sprinkle with Old Bay and allow to steam for another 5 minutes or so.

Meanwhile, heat a small pan, add a bit of butter or a spray of cooking spray and flash caramelize your onions.  I don't like my onion steamed to oblivion, so I cook them separately and add them at the end.

Now back to the magic pot of goodness...

It is time for the seafood!

Layer in this order:  cockles, shrimp, fish, and crab.  Sprinkle old bay on each layer.  Put the lid on and let steam for 5-10 minutes, or until the shrimp and fish (which you should still be able to see) is done.  But I have a confession to male.  When I did this tonight, I chose a pot that was slightly too small, so there was no  way to get the lid on!  What to do?  I used foil.

Have you ever done that?

It can be a disaster, condensation going everywhere.  So here is my "get it done" tip of the day.  If you are going to use foil, gently push it in all the away around like this:
By doing this, the condensation will drip back down into the pot, rather than onto your stove or floor!

Ready for the fun part?

Lay newspapers or two paper bags cut open down the middle of your table.
Be sure to put out lots of napkins!

Drain your steam pot carefully.  And then dump it down the middle of the table! I will admit, I have to start with tongs before I can manage that giant bowl of food!

Dig in!

Remember I promised an easy cleanup?  1 knife, 1 pot with steaming basket, and a colander.  When you are done gorging yourself on seafood, roll up the paper and throw it all away!  How is that for easy?

Yum.  Enjoy!


  1. Oh my God, this looks amazing! What a feast. I think I might need more paper bags than just two, om nom nom!


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