Monday, May 3, 2010

Pressure Cookers

So I have been using a pressure cooker lately.  In our frenetically paced environment, there is often a need for faster or easier ways to cook dinner.  I had never considered using one until recently because my only experience with pressure cookers is my grandmothers horribly overdone veggies.  Let's face it, she couldn't cook all that well anyway. (Side note: probably not her fault, more the generation).

Anyway, I was inspired by Iron Chef America.  So, I broke out the pressure cooker that my dad bought several months ago.  The results so far: awesome steamed artichokes in a third the time, a fall off the bone tender chicken thigh and veggie stew in about 20 minutes, and tonight will bring a whole chicken, shredded for bbq chicken sandwiches and enchiladas.

None of that is super gourmet, but it is yummy everyday food that takes less energy to cook, heats the kitchen less, and that can be done at the last minute.  So far, so good.

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